Phoenix AZ Beauty Photographer


You know when you find that person … and you click … you think she’s “my people”.   I love meeting people and have that instant connection.  We understand each other without really saying much.  Or sometimes saying too much:)

Janice came in for a quick shot of her tattoo but it quickly turned into a mini-session.  After all her sister had done her makeup and everyone needs a new profile picture, right?

 After I posted some quick peeks on my FACEBOOK page.  I texted her to see what her reaction was.  It’s always a little embarrassing when so many people comment on beautiful you are.  Well… really she is!!!!  Sometimes we just need a reminder.

Janice responded to my text with “I feel like I am totally in love with myself  LOL is that horribly vain of me?!”

To which I responded, “FREAKING FABULOUS!”

Yea, YOU should totally LOVE yourself and NO it’s not vain, it’s beautiful to do so!