Gilbert, AZ Glamour & Portrait Photographer

I must admit that I’m pretty lucky with friends.  I still maintain some of my dear friendships from elementary, middle and high school.  Those are some of my best friends and I treasure them because of the history that we share.  Making friendships as a woman is a little different than it was in high school.  And if you are nodding alongside, then yay, you are my people!  Getting along with a woman is not the difficult part, it’s now also getting our husbands to like each other and our kids… woah!  Life gets busy and friendships are difficult to cultivate ….. BUT ….. it’s so worth it.  I love the friends that I have made in this latter part of my life.  They are some of my soul sisters.  We are battling some of the same schedules, aspirations, love and we are there for each other.

I met Lily when I had just had my first born.  I believe she was the first one to watch Nyomi for me.  We both lived in Sacramento and we hit it off immediately.  We have similar styles and family background.  We bonded immediately and though we haven’t lived in the same state/city for many years we have kept in contact.  I have visited her in Puerto Rico, at the hospital when she was in bed rest in California and chatted through facebook/email & even made time for some skype sessions.  Just recently, we met for a very special celebration for her 39 th birthday in Palm Springs.  We did a lot of shopping and staying up late talking.  She’s a fabulous photographer so if you get a chance please take a look at her photography page on facebook.  Can you believe that she’s 39 years old?  Yeah, neither can I.

It’s great to have fabulous friends in the photography world.  Lily inspires me and motivates me to pursue my dreams.  If you have friends like those you never wanna let go, right?!  Ummm… yes.

I have found a passion that makes me giddy and energized.  That passion is photographing women.  I just love making women feel beautiful … to own their beauty and yes, I love the make-up and dressing up or down.  It’s difficult for women to become vulnerable in front of the camera.  I know because Lily took some photos of me too and MAN was it hard.  I know now that it’s not easy … but I would do it again!!!  And again!!!  Because my kids and grand kids should remember me like I am/feel today.  It’s not perfect, but who is?

So, here I am … thankful for my dear friend Lily, grateful she allowed me to photograph her and MAN do we have some plans for our photography.   I love what I do and I love my dear friend Lily.